2019 British Grand Prix – Advance

The season has been a challenging one for the team, especially these last two races. Is the challenge with the car replicating the issues you’ve endured, or is it a matter of just finding a consistent form from practice to qualifying to the race?

“We haven’t really had a good weekend, in total, for a long time. Our race pace in Friday practice these last few weekends hasn’t really been amazing. Unfortunately, things then get confirmed in the race. The thing is to have a car that’s fast in the qualifying sim and on the long runs so we have something we can work with going into the race and feel confident. That hasn’t been the case in the last two races, and every time we’ve gone into a race, I’ve had the feeling that it’s going to be complicated and, unfortunately, it has been.”

Despite the results, a massive amount of time and energy is being invested by team personnel into finding a solution to better the car’s performance. As one of the main faces of the team, is one of your roles beyond driving keeping the team motivated and focused as all of you prepare for the British Grand Prix?

“Yes, very much. Everyone is working very hard. Obviously, it’s not a situation that anyone’s happy with. We want to make it better, we want to do better. So yes, everyone is motivated. We’re all working together. We’re all a part of it, from drivers and engineers to the mechanics and the team principal. It’s the first time in four years we’ve found ourselves in this situation, but it happens to every single team. We will get there.”

Silverstone is one of the fastest tracks in Formula One, but it’s not necessarily from long straights but rather from long, flowing corners. Can you describe the feeling of speed you experience at this power circuit?

“It’s definitely a really beautiful lap around Silverstone. There are a lot of corners, which were corners in the past but are now kind of straight line, at least in qualifying – turns one, nine, 10, 11 and 12. They’re super high-speed, really enjoyable. It’s always tricky to really explain the feeling we get. You’re just feeling the g-forces and the downforce. You’re being completely compressed into the seat to take the corner. Knowing the car can do it is just amazing.”

The British Grand Prix is a home race for the majority of the Formula One industry, yet its future at Silverstone remains a bit uncertain. Whether it is from a historical perspective or a logistical one, do you view Silverstone as one of those iconic Formula One venues that needs to remain on the schedule?

“Yes, I think Silverstone’s a great track. It’s got a lot of history. I would love to see it remain on the calendar. Obviously, I don’t decide, but it’s one of the races you enjoy going to, with good fans. It’s a beautiful event.”