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2016 Belgian GP – Interview

23 August 2016
Romain, Belgium is the home of Haas Automation’s European headquarters. You’ve been to many appearances and interacted with many Haas Automation customers. How have they embraced the team and Gene Haas’ endeavor into Formula One? Every time we do something with Haas Automation it’s been very well organized and we always receive a very warm welcome from all the guests attending. It’s been great to be representing Haas Automation in Formula One. It’s a big name in motorsports and a big name in industry. Whenever we meet their customers, especially when we’re with Gene (Haas), they’re always very happy. It feels like a big family, which is nice to be a part of.  How do you prepare for the unpredictability of the weather at Spa, as one part of the course can be clear and dry while another portion can be wet and slippery? Basically, you don’t. It’s something that’s out of your control. You don’t really worry about it. When it comes to qualifying or race day, yes, you have to make decisions, but it’s never black or white at Spa. Spa has been called a driver’s track. Why? It’s just a great track. There are very high-speed corners and there are a lot of turns, different types, some high speed, some low – just a good variety overall. It gives you a good feeling to drive. Spa has high-speed straights and corners combined with a tight and twisting section, especially between turns eight and 15. How do you set up your car to tackle all the different aspects of the track? Do you have to make sacrifices in one section to gain an edge in other sections? You always see different approaches at Spa. Either you’re fast in sector one and sector three, which are the high-speed sectors, or you’re fast in sector two, which has more of the corners. Both work pretty well, so it’s a matter of how you want to approach the race.  Can you describe the sensation you feel inside the car when you drive through Eau Rouge and Raidillon? Are you able to take that section flat out? The first lap you go through flat out, you feel sick, like you’re on a rollercoaster because it goes up and down. You’re thinking, will I make that for the race? But, once you’ve done it once, it’s all ok and you just enjoy the g-forces. How important is it to enter Eau Rouge in clean air to ensure you have the maximum amount of downforce available? It’s certainly a corner where you don’t want to have a mistake. Qualifying in clean air is certainly quite good. On the other hand, if you get a big tow, you can have a massive advantage going into turn five. There’s a bit of an argument for both philosophies there.  Your most recent podium was earned in last year’s Belgian Grand Prix. You started ninth and made it all the way to third, finishing behind the Mercedes duo

F1 Summer Break

1 August 2016
It’s time to summer break for Formula 1. Next race : Belgium GP  – 28.08.2016

2016 German GP – Race report

31 July 2016
Romain Grosjean started the 67-race from 20th after incurring a five-place grid penalty for a gearbox change on Saturday. He started with the Red supersoft. Pit stops began on lap eight, but the Haas F1 Team drivers stayed on the 4.574-kilometer (2.842-mile), 17-turn circuit for as long as they could before making their first stops, allowing each to gain considerable track position. Grosjean came in for his first stop at the end of lap 17 after climbing to eighth. He went with a new set of Yellow softs. The pit cycle dropped each driver in the running order, but by the race’s halfway mark with other teams’ pit strategies playing out, the Haas F1 Team duo was running together, with Grosjean 12th and Gutiérrez 13th. The team’s final round of pit stops began on lap 43 when Grosjean came in for a switch to Red supersofts. While both drivers were a lap down after their pit cycles, they remained on the cusp of the top-10, with Grosjean 15th with 16 laps remaining. Each driver made separate, masterful passes to get around the Renault of Kevin Magnussen, with Grosjean overtaking him on lap 55. The moves, along with Carlos Sainz Jr. bringing his Toro Rosso to pit lane for his final stop, allowed the french driver to climb to 13th, respectively. Opportunity still beckoned with three laps remaining as 10th-place Fernando Alonso began to fade after pushing his McLaren’s tires to their limit. Force India’s Sergio Perez picked him off for 10th and as Alonso continued to back up. Time ran out before Grosjean could catch Alonso, preventing him from picking up an additional spot before the checkered flag fell. Interview “It wasn’t too bad.” Romain Grosjean said. “I think we had a good pace, but the middle stint behind the Renault saw my brakes massively overheat, and I lost them completely for a few laps. That clearly put us on the back foot. I couldn’t get by, and that cost us having a shot at points. We need to understand that, but generally the car behaved in the race. I’m happier this afternoon than I was yesterday. Overall, it’s been an awesome first half of the season. I want us to be able to come back and score regularly in the top-10. There are a few things we need to unlock. We’ve got the potential in the car. We just need to put it all together.” Recap Laps completed: 66/67 Started 20th, Finished 13th

2016 Hungarian GP – Race report

24 July 2016
Romain Grosjean started 11th in the 70-lap race around the 4.381-kilometer (2.722-mile), 14-turn circuit. He selected the Pirelli P Zero Red supersoft tire for the start, with strategy dictating two subsequent pit stops, for brand new sets of Yellow soft tires. Grosjean slipping into the pits at the end of lap 14, followed by Gutiérrez a lap later. The second and final round of pit stops saw Grosjean come in for service on lap 37. Grosjean, meanwhile, struggled with his car’s balance for much of the race. Nonetheless, he managed to hold the Renault of Kevin Magnussen at bay in the closing stages to claim 14th. Interview “It was just a bad afternoon.” Romain Grosjean said. “Nothing really worked. Our strategy didn’t work, the car didn’t work. I was trying to find a balance, but I just couldn’t get it. I’m sure there’s a lot to learn from the afternoon, but it’s a disappointing outcome. I was expecting us to be in better shape. I was expecting to be able to score points after yesterday’s qualifying session.” Recap Laps completed: 69/70 Started 11th, Finished 14th

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