2019 Singapore Grand Prix – Preview

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What are the challenges of the Marina Bay Street Circuit and how do you overcome them?

“The main challenge is that we live by the night, so you don’t get much sunlight. That catches up with you a little bit by the end of the week.”

Singapore is one of only three night races on the Formula One schedule, but it’s also the original night race. Do you like competing at night? 

“I like it. I think it’s really good fun, and it looks good on the TV footage. Seeing that snake of lights through the city is really cool. In terms of spectating, I think it’s really good. You can enjoy the day in Singapore and then watch the race in the evening.”

Because the Singapore Grand Prix is at night, is there a heightened sense of speed?

“Not really, it doesn’t change much. The lights are really well done. For us, it’s almost easier to have almost the same light throughout the circuit.”

Singapore’s layout forces drivers to run close to the track’s walls for the majority of a lap. While the margin for error is always low in Formula One, is it even lower at Marina Bay Street Circuit?

“That’s a definite yes. It’s like Monaco. There are a couple of laps in qualifying where you really push your luck and the limits. The rest of the time you need to respect the circuit.”

There are 23 turns at Marina Bay Street Circuit, the most of any Formula One venue. Which ones are the most treacherous and why?

“All of them. It’s really a challenging track. There isn’t any particular corner that is harder than any other. They’re really all very challenging.”

Between the bumpy track surface and the heat, how physically taxing is the Singapore Grand Prix and what do you do to prepare for it?

“It’s definitely the hardest circuit in terms of temperature, heat, concentration and length. The race normally goes to the two-hour time limit. That’s a big challenge with Singapore. I don’t really do anything special to prepare for it. I just keep my routine and try to go there as fresh as I can.”

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