Victory on Andros Trophy

By Thomas 1 year ago
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TrophÈe Andros 2016-2017 - D.A. RACING. DAR. Utilisation presse pour DA RACING. Contact : Bernard BAKALIAN - PAB +33145577466

Great victory this weekend on Andros Trophy 2016 for Romain Grosjean at the Alpe d’Huez!

At the wheel of the DA Racing Clio, the French driver had a perfect Saturday with a great race 2.

Author of the super pole, Romain took the lead ahead of Jean-Philippe Dayraut.

He made the best lap in the race before passing the finish line as the winner after 8 amazing laps on the ice!

Now… It’s holiday time for R8G!

© Photo: DAR / PAB

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