2016 European GP – Race report

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Romain Grosjean started 11th on the first-time Formula One venue, with an air temperature of 33 degrees Celsius (91 degrees Fahrenheit) augmented by a track temperature that reached 48 degrees Celsius (118 Fahrenheit) – the highest temperatures experienced since practice for the European Grand Prix began on Friday. The french driver started the 51-lap race on the Pirelli P Zero Red supersoft tire, with the plan to make only one pit stop.

Grosjean enjoyed a better start, climbing to as high as eighth by lap 10 before pitting for a new set of Yellow softs. As pit stops cycled through, Grosjean rose from 17th to 12th by lap 25.

Unfortunately, Romain had to make a second pit stop due to a build-up of debris picked up in the car’s radiator intake ducts. With the risk of engine overheating prevalent, Grosjean had no choice but to stop, thwarting any shot at a point-paying finish. Haas F1 Team made the best of the situation, sending Grosjean back onto the track on a used set of Pirelli P Zero White medium tires that would take him to the finish.

Lapped by Rosberg on the 43rd circuit, Romain Grosjean never lost his tenacity, battling back to finish 13th.


“The car felt very good at the beginning of the race and everything was going well.” Romain Grosjean said. “We then had a bit of rear (tire) graining and we had to pit to go on to the soft tires. The plan was to go to the end. We then had too much rubbish at the front of the radiators and we had to stop again to clean them. That extra stop cost us a lot of performance. We had to fit the medium tires to go to the end, as we didn’t have any more softs. We did our best, but we’re still not where we want to be.”


Laps completed: 50/51

Started 11th, Finished 13th

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